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Welcome. We are RedSkyTrader and are a 'mom and pop' business based in San Diego California. Our humble start began with a big career change. We knew our current paths of working for big business corporations in sales and finance were not our career destinies. We wanted a greater sense of personal accomplishment and ownership in a career. It was September of 2005 and there we were in a one bedroom apartment with a couple good ideas and a whole lot of determination. We knew that great products at great prices were essential. So we started selling a few nautical items online and at local markets and had excellent experiences. From there we grew our product base, learned from our experiences, and eventually created our own website.

Currently we are enjoying the growth of our business focusing attention on our online company www.RedSkyTrader.com. We are consistently expanding our product line to bring our faithful customers new and unique items. We have a large collection of maritime, medieval items, and many other collectibles for your home. Our products make wonderful gifts and they are more unusual and rare than what you find in the average retail store. As always, we keep our prices super competitive.

In the near future we are looking to move to a bigger warehouse to make room for all of our new products. Though we will stay a small family business, we want our expansion to give more job opportunities to the people in our community and give us more personal time for family and friends.

Our goal is to provide 100% Customer Satisfaction. In order to do this we have done our best to make our policies and procedures known through our emails, website, and About Us page. We do our best to communicate with our customers to promote positive feedback and an overall enjoyable experience. Please feel free to let us know if there is anything that you would like to see.

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